New School Thinking

Intensive Public Workshops
New School Thinking 2018

 A 4-day workshop by industry icons.

Which came first? The car or the petrol station?
Products or customers?
Create something remarkable and the world will wrap itself around your idea. The question isn’t whether you’re capable of crazy cool sexy work. (You are). The question is, are you willing?
All our trainers took the leap. They faced doubt, fears, challenges and opportunities. They took on giants and lived to tell the tale. Do they have all the answers? Nobody does. But if you keep doing the same old same old, don’t expect different results. If you wait for another case study, it may already be too late.
Data, technology and creativity are coming together like never before. Find out how this convergence has helped San Yen, Woei Hern, Emir Shafri, Alvin Teoh, and Edward Ong, and how it can help take your thinking to the next level.
Skills in the digital age isn’t just about mastery of digital tools. It’s about making connections with people and how to solve marketing problems more effectively.
And the only way to stay relevant is to keep learning, keep reinventing.

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