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Hashtag:Stories 2018

The average attention span of a person is 8 seconds. Which is a second less than a goldfish. In an era when boredom comes easily, how do we tell stories? Does the ‘Hero’s Journey’ approach to storytelling still apply? And if so, is it the same across different channels and platforms?
Our feeds are overloaded with so much curated content, we’re dull to it. How do you stand out? In this workshop, we’ll be exploring areas that make a story desirable. Some stuff, you can find on the Internet while others come from Alvin Teoh’s 22 years of personal experience.
He’s going to mix it all up and explore the ‘why’ of things before we get to the ‘how’. These things matter because we’re all at the mercy of restless, content-ignoring and scroll-happy thumbs.

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