define: Part-Time Learning Courses

The definitive guide to persuasive writing for today’s market.

Can you write something creative? Great. But does it have the POWER to SELL?

define: Copywriting is the evening part-time course for those interested in the creative process of advertising with copy.

Learn how to write copy that influences millions.

Memorable slogans, witty headlines, clever taglines – Get ahead in the persuasion game through the art of writing good copy.

Whether you want to start your own copywriting business, or want to use copywriting to improve your current marketing efforts, this class is a great start.

Topics covered:

1) Introduction to Creativity

2) Branding: Identity and Image Strategy

3) Creative Strategy

4) The BIG Idea


6) Final Presentation with expert feedback

2018 Starting Dates:

23 April

24 September

Time: 7.30 PM – 10.00 PM, Mondays

Call us at (03) 7931 1833

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This course helped me form a better idea of where and how to start when it comes to my job. I get tips on how to write better scripts.
Kimberly Monterio
Associate Producer / Astro


This is an interesting course with heaps of real life inspiring stories and experiences. I have always thought becoming a decent writer is easy, little did I know that so much creativity and planning are required.
Ovidia Wang
Recruiter / Font Talent


It has been a great joy teaching at TAP. I in turn have learned much from being a trainer. My sessions are also well organised by TAP, which makes it a great experience
Jovian Lee
Creative Group Head / Leo Burnett


The trainer's in depth knowledge and experience as a copywriter is the most valuable aspect of the whole course.
Mohd Hatta
Assistant Product Manager / Tohtonku


I like how the trainer taught me about ideation. It gave me a new perspective to my work.
Debbie Goh
Copywritter / Rapp Malaysia


I'm excited to learn something new in every class. This course and the trainer inspired me to explore this industry though I'm not in it.
Kishen Alex Raj
Sub Editor / The Sun