CopyKaw 2017

Intensive Public Workshops
CopyKaw 2017
You’re a senior writer. Maybe even a group head. Nonetheless, you’re constantly afflicted with two simultaneous yet contradictory beliefs: The burning certainty that you’re a unique genius, and the crippling fear that you’re a witless fraud speeding towards certain and epic failure.
Both are delusions. It’s time to break down these self-imposed barriers and level up. The future belongs to people with a different mindset : those who understand that the creative work exists to serve business objectives.
Right. Now that you’ve picked yourself off the floor, two things you should know. First, we will always need artists, inventors, and storytellers. Second and more importantly, we need creative and holistic right brain thinkers. This is where we start. This is how we take it a notch higher. Copy, after all, is thinking on paper. Transform your thinking, and you transform everything.


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